Prodeje pneumatik za 1Q 2022

ETRMA Members’ Tyre Sales in Europe: Q1-2022 a trend to watch in the following months

Brussels, 13th April 2022 – Today the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association published its members’ replacement sales for the first quarter 2022.
In this first quarter 2022, except for the Agricultural segment, for which the negative single figure trend can be linked to the low seasonality, we are assisting to an increase compared to Q1 2021.
The Consumer segment is boosted by the car-all-seasons tyres and we also assist to a good performance of Truck & Bus, Motorcycle & Scooter tyres thanks to the economic recovery.
The pace of growth has slowed down in March as a result of the uncertainties and the impact generated by the Russia – Ukraine conflict.

In ‚000 units* 1st Q 2021 YTD 1st Q 2022 YTD Variation %
Replacement Consumer(1) tyres 56.708 61.674 9%
Of which Car Summer tyres
Of which Car all seasons tyres
Of which Car Winter tyres
Replacement Truck & Bus Tyres 3.335 3.674 10%
Replacement Agricultural Tyres 368 344 -7%
Replacement Moto & scooter Tyres 3.248 3.551 9%
* Discrepancies with data previously published is due to periodic data corrections
(1) Passenger car, SUVs and light commercial vehicles
(source: europool ETRMA)

“We need to be realistic and presume that raw material and energy supply tensions coming from the current situation, are likely to affect sales volumes in the coming months,” said Mrs Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA.

“We all hope that in the weeks to come, we will assist to a conflict resolution to stop the war and re-establish the peace”, concluded Mrs Cinaralp.

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